One of the most iconic cinemas

Royal Heerlen

Upendi is responsible for coordinating the events programme in the Netherlands’ classiest cinema.

The historic Royal Theater was built in 1938 in just 100 days. The intention was to design a meeting place where the local population could have easy access to culture. Not only through the medium of film, but music, dance and drama too. The Royal has been the leading cinema in Heerlen and its urban conurbation for more than 75 years. Sadly it was unable to compete with new-fangled multiplex cinemas in the region and the building was closed to the public at the end of 2014.


The Royal has played an important role in the history of Upendi. The cinema provided both Jeroen and Maarten with the inspiration they needed to start producing their own films. Impressed by its overwhelming ambiance, they wanted to create the same magical moments for present-day filmgoers as those of yesteryear.


Since March 2019, Upendi has been closely involved in the recommissioning of the Royal. In collaboration with the Filmhuis de Spiegel, Moving Mountains, Cinesud, the Limburg Film Office and the city of Heerlen, a plan was devised to give the Royal back to the public at large: not with mainstream cinema screenings, but with a diversity of readily accessible social and cultural events. This would include a combination of arthouse film screenings by Filmhuis De Spiegel, special film events by Moving Mountains, educational projects by Cinesud and unique premieres and film experiences by Limburg Film Office. Additionally, the Royal is open to ideas and events from external parties. Collective efforts are being made to restore not only the building’s former function, but access to (film) culture too.


Upendi plays a central, coordinating role in this. We manage both the internal and external events programme and act as the first point of contact for locals and other potential stakeholders: a position we are proud to fulfill.


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